REEF - Crytek Tech Demo (June 29, 2011)

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Build Date: June 29, 2011
Build Size: 542MBS
Not much info is known about this, there seems to be no videos of this in any Cryengine Tech Demo Videos.
There is a few fishtanks, all of which are incomplete, the fish are very buggy and this build looks like it would have kinect support later in dev cycle.

Debug Stuff

Open Levels
Press `~ button to open console
to open a level, type, "map name_of_level", example, "map CoralReef_1"

Press F3 on Keyboard


  • Aquarium (Folder)
 - AI_Test
 - CoralReef_Default_Basic_S_1
 - CoralReef_Default_Basic_S_2
 - CoralReef_Default_Donut_S_1
 - CoralReef_Pirates_ Basic_S_1
 - CoralReef_Pirates_Basic_S_2
 - Zen_Default_Basic_S_1
  • Aquarium_X360
  • coralreef
  • CoralReef_ Aquarium
  • Ocean (Folder)
   - CoralReef_1
   - CoralReef_ Presentation
  • Pirates_Aquarium
  • Underwater_mobile

Video and Images