Project Milo (May 17, 2010)

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  • Pressing in the left thumb stick will activate the "bubble". The bubble is used to activate choices on-screen.
  • Pressing in both the left and right thumb stick will activate the toolbox. The toolbox seems incomplete and useless so far
  • Pressing in both RB and LB will pause the frame but not anything else. (comes in handy)
  • Pressing in the Back button will get you too the nice, and working debug menu.
    • Game>Templates>Chapter 2>By Template (this is how you activate new scene's)
    • Game>Camera>FlyCamera (this will give you noclip)


miloReleaseLIB.xex (most stable) miloReleaseLIB.exe miloInternalReleaseLIB.xex (crash) miloInternalReleaseLIB.exe (crash) ​


D01_Snail_squish_YES​ ​ D01_Snail_squish_NO​

Each Sequence has 5 "jump points' to them. Not all of them work. Some will freeze instantly, some will go far and start a loop.​

Chapter 1

  • Initial_Calibration
  • IntroFMV
  • Triggers Intro video.
  • Spoiler: Video
  • m_d01_milo_moves_house
  • m_d01_int_snail_spot
  • m_d01_int_snail_decsn
  • CreateFish
  • D01_Snail_squish_YES
  • D01_Snail_squish_NO
  • m_d01_int_spot_stones
  • m_gen_act_skim_stones
  • p_act_gen_clean_room
  • Only works until I have to use the Bubble to clean the floor. It wont pick anything up. It has you go into the Shop in the options to buy a dust pan.
  • Spoiler: Images
  • DestroyFish
  • m_d01_int_reassure
  • Only thing I can provoke is to get a message asking to repeat on the screen what it said. Cannot activate anything
  • Spoiler: Images
  • m_d01_milo_unpacking
  • Spoiler: Images
  • e_d01_explain_mbs
  • You get asked what you think Milo thinks you are to him. Then Black screen.
  • Spoiler: Images
  • IntroFVM
  • Triggers Intro video.
  • Spoiler: Video

Chapter 2

  • m_d02_int_decsn_items
  • Spoiler: Images
  • p_d02_int_explore
  • Until I do more research, its the same as the above sequence or its mixed in where it forces you to loop to the start of the first sequence
  • m_d02_milo_returns
  • Stuck here everytime. unable to continue forward or backward. Game does not freeze. just stuck at this screen.
  • Spoiler: images
  • m_gen _act_hwork_geography
  • Nothing Happens
  • md02_int_decsn_hwork
  • I get an option to choose yes or no to decide if Milo should finish his homework. Cannot get any further.
  • Spoiler: Images
  • m_gen_act_hwork_geography
  • m_d02_hwork_geography_end
  • m_gen_act_basketball
  • md02_int_find_woods
  • Starts off with Milo at the very end of the Basketball Secquence. Camera pans over to the shed. Milo is there and he goes into the Trees.
  • Spoiler: Images
  • m_k_d02_int_reassure_kate
  • Not much other then a Dog that shows up for about 2 frames. This scene will repeat itself over and over. You get the option to "entice" the dog. Nothing happens afterwards except move to next scene.
  • Spoiler: Images
  • m_d02_journal_day_end
  • Placeholder
  • Spoiler: Images
  • Generic
  • k_proto_stroked
  • Does not seem to work.


Milo ACT_piano_Practice Needs more testing Spoiler: Images ACT_Play_laser_tag Only goes a few frames with some bars on the bottom of screen. Freezes Console. Spoiler: Images ACT_geography_homework ACT_play_catch Only works till Milo wants to throw you a ball Spoiler: Images ACT_skim_stones ACT_projectiles_testbed ACT_shootout

Kate (BROKEN - as in every sequence freezes Xbox) ACT_k_general_lie_down ACT_k_general_idle ACT_k_general_follow ACT_k_general_chase_birds ACT_k_general_dig

Loading Screens

There are 20 loading screens all the same with a different quote at the bottom.

Pause Menu

Spoiler: Images