Network Dumper 360 - Remotely Backup your XDK

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Network Dumper 360 - Remotely Backup your XDK

Developer: Cashmint
Console: Xbox 360 X360ForInfoText.png
Download: [Not Available Yet Here]


  • Make a complete backup of your XDK Hard Drive without having to open the kit
  • Ability to backup your XDK through your network
  • Ability to backup your XDK onto a External Hard Drive (Fat32)
  • Ability to backup Your Internal Memory Unit
  • Shows you the backup percentage

How To Use

  • It is highly recommended that you burn the Client to a Disc and run it from that, to ensure you do not write to the Hard Drive


  • How do I cancel a dump?

# To cancel a network dump, simply close the server or restart the app. To cancel an external drive dump, simply disconnect the drive or restart the app.

  • Why shouldn’t I just throw it onto my drive and run it?

# If you have an un-dumped kit, the client could overwrite deleted data on the kit making it impossible to recover.

  • My kit is on a low firmware. Will this still work?

# The lowest firmware this has been tested on, and confirmed to be working on, is 4548. If you run into issues getting it to boot, contact me. Alternatively, if you find that it runs on lower firmware's, let me know, so I can update this.

  • The Xbox is not connecting to the server!

# Please verify that your server is running on your computer’s local IP address, and that your kit is hooked up to the same network.

  • How fast does it take to dump?

# I managed to dump my 250gb slim kit HDD in just above 7 hours over my network. However, depending on your setup and home network, this could vary.

  • I found a bug! What do I do?

# Report it to me, Cashmint#2459.