How to put builds onto XDK

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How To

  1. Install the Xbox 360 SDK
  2. Plug your Xbox 360 directly into your computer with ethernet cable or plug it into the same network as your computer
  3. Open Xbox 360 Neighborhood, it should be on your Desktop after the SDK installs
    X360 Neighborhood Icon.png
  4. Click on Add Xbox 360
  5. It will ask you for an IP or Xbox Name, enter either one of the two and hit Next
  6. If it successfully connects a popup message will appear asking if you want to set the Development Kit as Default, select yes
  7. You will now see a xbox 360 in the Neighborhood window, open that
  8. You will be greeted with the root folder of your HDD
  9. Open Game Development Volume(DEVKIT)
  10. Drag and drop the build you want into this folder
  11. On the Xbox 360 you will now see the build show up in the XDK Launcher