How to Recover XDK with Recovery

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This Info is taken Directly from the Xbox 360 SDK.

  • If you are shadowbooting, remove the Xboxrom.bin from your XDK before using a recovery!

Known Issues Regarding Remote Console Recovery You must unplug the Kinect Sensor Array from the console before running XDK recovery. Running recovery while the Kinect sensor array is connected causes the development console to fail on reboot, and recovery will appear to have hung. If this happens, wait until recovery has finished, disconnect the Kinect sensor array, and reboot the development console manually. Remote recovery will fail if Windows Firewall notifications are disabled.


To recover the console from a CD

  • Disconnect the Kinect sensor array from the console.
  • Burn the Recovery Disc ISO image to a blank CD or DVD.
  • Place the disc with the recovery image in the console tray.
  • Close the tray.
  • The next step of the recovery process depends on whether you are in the development kit launcher, Xbox Dashboard, or booting from the CD.
  • If you are recovering from the launcher, locate and launch dvd:\default.xex.
  • If you are recovering from the Xbox Dashboard or if this recovery is for a retail console, launch recovery from the Xbox Dashboard by using the Play Game feature.
  • If this is a "non-retail" recovery, reboot the Xbox 360 console.
  • Run the recovery.
  • Do not press the Guide button while running an ISO-based recovery, or recovery will crash and corrupt the flash. If you accidentally press the Guide button while running ISO-based recovery, re-run the recovery.
  • When the recovery completes and the console tray opens, press any button to reboot.
  • The console tray remains open after reboot.
  • Connect the Kinect sensor array to the console.


  1. Disconnect the Kinect sensor array from the console.
  1. Start the console, and wait for the development kit launcher to appear. Note

If your console is brand new, the launcher has not yet been installed. You will see a Welcome screen that shows the console's IP address.

  1. On your development system, run the Xbox 360 Remote Console Recovery tool.
  1. The tool is an executable named XDKRecoveryXenonNNNN.exe, where NNNN is the build number of the XDK version you are installing.
  1. Click Next to continue past the remote recovery tool's Welcome screen.

System tools remote recovery welcome-1-.png

  1. In the Destination Xbox 360 Development Kit text box, type the name of the target console.

If you have not assigned a name to the console, or, if the console is on a different subnet from your development system, type the console's debug IP address instead. Its debug IP address appears at the bottom of the launcher screen.

System tools remote recovery destination-1-.gif

  1. Click Next.

The remote recovery tool shows a dialog box asking whether you want to reset your console to default settings.

The Reset Xbox 360 Development Kit settings to default states dialog box allows you to configure and customize the development kit deployment.

System tools remote recovery config-1-.png

The dialog box has the following options:

  • Select a system version to install
    • Allows you to choose the version of the Xbox 360 development kit software to install on the target Xbox.
    • The default value presented is always the current, most recent recommended version of the Xbox 360 development kit software.
    • You can use the drop-down list to select earlier versions of the software. The remote console recovery tool includes the earlier versions.
  • Reset Xbox 360 Development Kit setting to default states
    • Resets the configuration of the console to factory defaults.
    • Data previously copied to the console's hard drive will not be deleted.
  • Format Console Hard Drive (all data will be erased)
    • Reformats the console's hard drive, erasing all data that has been copied to the console's hard **drive.
    • Following the formatting, console software will be installed with factory defaults.
  • Install optional files (content and samples)?
    • Installs samples and other content on the console.
  • Install System Extended Packages (enhanced experience)?
    • Installs the NXE.
  1. Click Next.

The remote console recovery restarts your console and copies files to it.

System tools remote recovery running-1-.gif

After copying is complete, the tool restarts the console again. The launcher appears on the console display.

On new consoles and those reset to default settings (discussed in a previous step), the launcher prompts you to select a display language.

  1. Select the display language.

System tools remote recovery language display-1-.gif

This selection determines which language the launcher uses to show its menus and prompts.

The launcher then prompts you to specify the language to be used by the games running on the console. The choice here does not need to match the display language choice.

  1. Select the language for the console games.

If the console is not named currently, the launcher prompts you for a name. You can use the game controller to enter the console name.

  1. Select the console name.

System tools remote recovery name-1-.gif

  1. Click Finish on your development system to exit the remote recovery tool.


  1. Connect the Kinect sensor array to the console.