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Crackdown, Developed by Realtime Worlds, Ruffian Games, and Sumo Digital, is a Sandbox Open World where you play as a Super Agent Tasked to take out the terrorist group, "cell".

Crackdown 1.png

If you are presented with a black screen with stars in the background, open console and type "open fullcity"

To run the scripts, add this line to the userstartup.ini "bind r "luafile debug\CrimeTest" bind m "luafile debug\FullBodyAnimateTest""


  • Different HUD
  • untextured areas
  • Aldmani logo used as placeholder in some districts
  • Island Names are different

Known Builds

All known builds were found by Damien / Demon, and were subsequently released by him.

  • Crackdown - Build (September 01, 2005)
  • Crackdown - Build (March 03, 2006)
  • Crackdown - Build (March 07, 2006)
  • Crackdown - Build (March 20, 2006)
  • Crackdown - Build (March 21, 2006)
  • Crackdown - Build (April 02, 2006)

Mob Island


Alpha Weapons